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Have you ever tried tacconi? Come and discover it at The Castagno Hotel Restaurant and Pizzeria. This handmade pasta typical of the province of Pesaro and Urbino is prepared with local ground broadbean flour, which is combined with common wheat flour, salt and pepper. The colour is yellowish and the taste is delicate, with soft sweetness. The pasta is compact and wrinkled and holds the sauce well, and is about 20-25 mm long. We offer the traditional version: simple in ingredients, but rich in taste.

How are they prepared?

The dough is kneaded until compact and elastic, after which it is stretched with a rolling pin, rolled and cut. The tacconi are ideal with a simple fresh tomato sauce, prepared with lardons and garlic, or with a slightly more liquid sauce, such as a seafood sauce based on fresh cherry tomatoes and clams. That's exactly how we serve them at Il Castagno.
If you really want to try the traditional, however, try them at the Sgagg: stuffed in a pan with boiling lardons, which pushes them to "scream" a sound called "sgagg" in local dialect.

The wealth of simplicity

The tacconi are a dish of total simplicity, but with unique and distinct flavour. Their simplicity has made them a very popular dish with locals and tourists who visit our area, enjoying them in our cosy restaurant.

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