The tacconi

Have you ever tried tacconi? Come and discover them at Il Castagno restaurant in Orciano di Pesaro. This artisanal pasta, typical of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, is prepared with locally produced stone-ground broad bean flour, which is combined with soft wheat flour, salt and pepper. The color is yellowish and the taste is delicate, with sweetish but uniformly sapid. The dough, compact and wrinkled, retains the sauce well and is about 20-25 mm long. We offer it as the tradition wants: poor in ingredients, but rich in taste.


Gli ingredienti vengono manipolati fino al raggiungimento di un impasto compatto ed elastico. L’impasto viene tirato con il mattarello (rasano) fino ad ottenere una sfoglia piuttosto spessa, che viene arrotolata e tagliata. La cottura, in acqua bollente, preventivamente salata, può avvenire subito dopo la preparazione o, preferibilmente, nell’arco della giornata. Possono essere utilizzati vari tipi di condimenti.


The dough is manipulated until becames compact and elastic, after it is pulled with a rolling pin, rolled and cut. The ideal sauce for Tacconi is a simple sauce of fresh tomato, prepared with sautéed lard and garlic, or with sauces a bit more liquid such as a sauce of sea made with fresh tomatoes and clams. And that’s the way how we offer them to Il Castagno.
If you really want to try the tradition, however, try it in the “Sgagg” taste: pan-fried with hot lard, they make a sound similar at a “scream” a sound called in local dialect “sgagg”.


The tacconi are a dish with a disarming simplicity, but with a unique and unconfusing taste. Just their simplicity has made them become a beloved dish by locals and tourists who visit our areas, who will taste in our cozy room every day.